Good for the Goose …………….

Shaun Carney, writing today at The Punch mentions the fact that the

ACTU [had] shed almost one-fifth of its workforce.

Well, quite frankly, I don’t have a problem with these redundancies, hard as it may be on those affected. I can now safely assume that I will have the blessing of the ACTU if I wish to “let go” some of those employees of mine who are excess to current requirements.

You see I’m a taxpayer. I currently have on my books possibly hundreds of thousands through out the country. A significant percentage of these could be usefully be “let go” without impinging on the success of the business (the running of the country.)

If no one has any objections I’ll get onto my management team, the Australian Government and have them start preparing the necessaries. I won’t be as enthusiastic in the culling as the ACTU. A 10% axing would suit me fine.

For starters.

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